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General Guidelines for All Programs

The following guidelines will generally apply to all programs unless otherwise noted. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Programs are available to customers of Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) and of participating wholesale electric utilities of NPPD.
  2. All incented equipment must be permanently installed except as exempted in program specific guidelines.
  3. INCENTIVE LIMITS: Incentives exceeding $5,000 require pre-approval by the electric utility before purchase or installation. No facility shall receive more than $100,000 in EnergyWise℠ incentives annually without pre-approval.
  4. No incentive(s) will be paid without the completion of the application form. After the proposed system installation is completed and operational and/or improvements are fully implemented, the completed application form must then be submitted within six (6) months to the electric utility for processing. Sales receipt(s) or invoice(s) itemizing the new equipment and indicating the size, type, make, model, purchase date, and/or scope-of-work provided must accompany each energy efficiency incentive application.
  5. The incentive payment or account credit to the person responsible for the utility account will come directly from their local electric utility. It shall be up to the local electric utility’s discretion as to whether the incentive will be provided through an incentive payment or account credit.
  6. NPPD reserves the right to do random spot checks of equipment installations and EnergyWise℠ program documents to ensure program compliance.
  7. NPPD will make final determination of program compliance decisions and reserves the right to cancel the program without notice. 
  8. Energy conservation measures are eligible for only one incentive.
  9. ‍The local electric utility and NPPD are entitled to 100% of the energy benefits associated with the implemented Energy Conservation Measures, excluding the value of energy cost savings realized by the Customer, but including all rights to all associated energy, capacity, reserves, and emissions. The Customer agrees to provide the electric utility with such further documentation as the electric utility may request to confirm the electric utility’s ownership of such benefits.
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